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Engine / Squad 3411

May contain: fire truck, transportation, truck, vehicle, car, and fire station

2021 HME Ahrens-Fox / AF1 cab 

1,500 GPM pump 1,000 gallon tank

Cummins L9 450hp motor

  •  Structural Fire Fighting 
    • 1,500 GPM pump with a 1,000 gallon water tank
    • Taskforce Tips deck gun
  • Emergency Medial Response
    • EMR level of care
    • LUCUS  CPR device
    • AED
  • MVC Response
    • Hurst battery operated spreader, cutter, and ram
    • Genesis hydraulic powered spreader, cutter, and ram
    • Heavy Duty lifting bags
    • Rigid battery operated cutting tools
  • Water Rescue 
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