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Ride Along


To establish a standard for the Mazon Fire Department Ride Along program. The Mazon Fire Department encourages community involvement in the operation of the Fire Department. This allows interested citizens to ride as observers with the fire department personnel for legitimate civic or educational reasons. The program is to provide the public the opportunity to observe Fire and EMS services to gain a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities for Fire and EMS personnel.  To be a participant please fill out and submit the following forms found below.

  • Ride-Along Application
  • HIPAA Observer Agreement
  • General Waiver of Liability



  • All persons wishing to participate in the ride-along program must be pre-approved by the Fire Chief
  • Participants must be 13 years of age or older
  • Participants are required to read and sign the Ride-along Program HIPPA Privacy Agreement, Waiver of Liability and Ride-along policy
  • Ride-alongs must take place between the hours of 0600-2200. Under no circumstances shall ride-along participants stay overnight at the Fire Station
  • With the exception of  State Certified Firefighters from other agencies participants shall not attempt to assist firefighters with any aspect of emergency operations and will remain in the cab during intial stages of firefighting activities to ensure safety
  • Under no circumstances will Ride-along participants be permitted to enter a burning building or any other IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) environment
  • The Officer in Charge (OIC), shall take reasonable care to prevent the participant from becoming physically involved in or assisting in the following type of incidents
    • Crime Scenes
    • Violent Patients
    • Incidents involving firearms or weapons
    • Other incidents that are likely to increase the participants risk or exposure
  • If the OIC receives a potentially hazardous call the participant may be instructed to stay at the Fire Station during the incident


Dress and Appearance

  • Participants shall be neat and clean in appearance.  Their personal hygiene and grooming must be acceptable to the  Standards of the Fire Department
  • Participants shall wear suitable attire. 
    • Dark pants and light plain shirts are recommended
    • No tank tops, sleeveless shirts, shorts, open toe shoes, offensive logos or writing, 
    • Flat , closed toe shoes (steel or composite-toe is strongly recommended)
    • Long Hair shall be pulled back and tied so as not to interfere with activities
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